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The Station

JetStream Radio is the best place to listen to all of your favourite hits 24/7, where we do radio different!

Our management team

Collin Biedenkapp


Ethan Browning

Human Resources Manager

Fabio Almeida

Station Manager for Operations

Joshua Riley

Chief Operating Officer

Ron Biedenkapp

Station Manager for Programming

Our DJs

Ashton Fox

Programming Assistant and Schedule Manager

Ben Gray

Hi, I'm Ben from East Anglia in the UK. Join me mid-week for my classic mix

Chris Episkopos

London-based X-plane addict, guitar aficionado, and all-around music nerd. Emergency physician by day (and also night...what's a circadian rhythm?) Father to one little rascal.

Connor McLeod

Hello, you can catch me live here and there. I like to relax in the SmartCARS global chat.

Mike Abbott-Smith

The man that brings you solid gold hits, and loves to get the crowd going

Mike Becker

Richard Revell

Rick Michael hosts Hit's Through The Decade's Tuesday's (8pm 10pm) & Thursday's (5pm - 7.30pm)

Richie D

Get ready for a HUGE 2021 on Jet Stream Radio! RichieD has got you covered each and every Friday Night with a show called The Friday Night Mix, with more Club music than any other stations out there.

Sue Abbott-Smith

Suzie Mac hosts the weekly Thursday night "Disco Lounge Show", from 8.00pm - 10.30pm playing all of your old favourite disco tunes from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

Warren Holland

Monday Evening's from 8pm - 10pm Uk time with the best of the Nineties and Naughties.

Wess Martin

Hello, I'm Wess Martin, On air as WessNeal. I've been playing around with DJ'ing for over 10yrs, I've done a couple spots on Internet Radio, but all those outlets have folded up and not lasted long, so I'm hoping for a long term, enjoyable experience here. I broadcast from my home in Beautiful Nevada, USA.

Our Staff

Christopher Mitchell

Daniel Armstrong

Daryl Thorne

Luke Scott

Programming Assistant

Thien Lacape

Travis Neuber