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Embark on a thrilling adventure to Miyako Island, home to the picturesque Miyako Airport (ROMY), now available on SIMMARKET. Nestled 300km southwest of Okinawa Main Island, Japan, Miyako Island is a haven for travelers seeking natural beauty and stunning beaches.

Operating a range of aircraft including Boeing 767-300, 787-800, and Airbus A321, Miyako Airport’s short 2000-meter runway promises a thrilling takeoff experience reminiscent of a rocket launch.

Adjacent to Miyako Island lies Irabu Island, connected by Japan’s longest toll-free bridge, the Irabu Ohashi Bridge. Irabu Island Airport, meticulously detailed even in default flight simulations, provides aviation enthusiasts with another fascinating destination to explore. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of these nature-rich islands, preferably from the cockpit, and experience the joy of flying amidst breathtaking landscapes. With SIMMARKET simInstaller technology, acquiring and installing this stunning scenery is a seamless experience, ensuring you waste no time in embarking on your virtual adventure.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Miyako Island and Irabu Island Airport in exquisite detail. Soar above azure waters, marvel at lush landscapes, and relish the thrill of takeoff and landing at Miyako Airport. Dive into the beauty of Japan’s southern islands and add a touch of realism to your simulator with this great looking scenery available on SIMMARKET.

Written by: jetstreamradiocom

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