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FSimStudios released the highly anticipated V2 update for Halifax Stanfield International Airport, bringing significant enhancements to the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. The update focuses on optimizing performance, utilizing new MSFS techniques to ensure smoother gameplay and consistent FPS.

The terminal model has been extensively improved with remodeled and retextured areas, featuring crisp new PBR materials. Additionally, the interior model has been meticulously detailed to reflect the airport’s layout as of March 2024, using MSFS techniques to minimize performance impact.

Notable additions in the V2 update include a new ground polygon with highly detailed textures, as well as the modeling of Taxiway N and Apron 3, the latter serving as a new cargo apron. A custom cargo terminal has been included, enhancing the airport’s realism and functionality. Custom taxi signs have been implemented throughout the airport, further enhancing the immersive experience for virtual pilots. These updates elevate Halifax Stanfield International Airport to the forefront of MSFS scenery, providing players with an authentic and detailed representation of the bustling Canadian hub.

Originally developed in collaboration with Airfield Canada, Halifax Stanfield International Airport is a vital aviation hub serving the Halifax region and neighboring Maritime provinces. As part of the National Airports System and designated as an international airport by Transport Canada, it ranks as the 8th busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic. The original version of the scenery boasted outstanding modeling, 4K PBR textures, and meticulous attention to detail, further enhanced by 0.3cm/pix custom aerial orthophotos for the airport area. With the V2 update, FSimStudios continues to deliver a top-tier flight simulation experience, setting a new standard for realism and immersion in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Changelog Version 2:
– Performance significantly optimized. New MSFS Techniques have been extensively used all across to update the airport to the new standards, ensuring smooth performance and consistent FPS.
– Improved terminal model, several areas have been remodeled and retextured, with crisp new PBR Materials.
– Improved Interior Model, highly detailed and accurate to March 2024. Interiors have been modeled utilizing MSFS Techniques for minimal performance impact.
– All new Ground Polygon, highly detailed, making use of all-new materials and textures.
– New Taxiway N (by Runway 14) and Apron 3 (New Cargo Apron) were modeled.
– New Cargo Terminal modeled in high detail.
– Custom Taxi Signs all around the airport.
And much more!


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