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Dubrovnik Airport, also known as Cilipi Airport, is the international airport serving Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is located approximately 15.5 km east of the city center and was the third-busiest airport in Croatia in 2019. The airport has the longest runway in the country, accommodating heavy long-haul aircraft, making it a significant destination for leisure flights during the European summer.

Opened in 1962, the airport was heavily damaged during the Croatian War of Independence and has since undergone extensive reconstruction and expansion, including new terminals, aprons, runways, and various operational facilities.

The airport now features three terminal areas: A, B, and C. Terminal C, which is the newest and most spacious, replaced Terminal A as the main passenger terminal, while Terminal A now serves as a baggage sorting facility. Terminal B handles arriving passengers, and together with Terminal C, they function as a single unit. Recent upgrades include multi-level parking garages, security and luggage systems, and jet bridges. Future plans for the airport include developing a commercial zone, a four-star hotel, and potentially constructing a new runway while converting the existing one into a taxiway.

Davor Puljevic’s Dubrovnik Airport (LDDU) scenery for MSFS, available at SIMMARKET, offers an extremely detailed and photorealistic representation of the airport. It features custom-made objects, high-resolution textures, functional jetways, and correct mesh and navigational aids. The scenery is fully updated to reflect all modifications and reconstructions up to January 2024, ensuring an immersive and accurate simulation experience. The product also integrates seamlessly with the MSFS default Dubrovnik town upgrade pack and is available via SIMMARKET’s simInstaller technology.

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