Orbx Release The Latest Norwegian Destination.

Written by Jack Mcmahon on June 25, 2020 at 7:24 AM UTC

As the date clicks over to 24/06/2020 lots of new things are going on in the world but one very important thing is happening within the flight sim community. Welcome to Alesund Vigra Airport, The latest Norwegian destination from Finn Hansen himself. This package includes loads of detail including an area that encompasses

both the airport, the surrounding islands, and terrain. Alesund is a well known holiday destination situated near the entrance of several major Fjords, This package is available for P3Dv4 & v5.

Apart from the usual flights too; Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Trondheim, and Amsterdam, Viagra airport is also a short flight away to favorite Scandinaviandestinations including; Notodden, Hammerfest, Scandinavian Mountains Airport, Gothenburg and Stockholm-Arlanda. As a scenery project that harnesses the latest P3D technology and features, Finn has gone above and beyond to create an ultra-detailed depiction of this well-known holiday location. After buying this pack you will experience extraordinary over-water approaches, explore the numerous islands, harbors, and inlets included in the coverage, or visit several of the surrounding glistening peaks. 

Some of the key features will include:

  • Complete depiction of Ålesund Vigra Airport, Norway and surrounding islands

  • Ultra high-detail rendition of the airport

  • Advanced materials including PBR

  • 7cm ground imagery around the airport

  • Extensive coverage area at 60cm

  • Ultra-HD unique GSE, boats, and vehicles exclusive to Ålesund 

  • Custom 10m DEM, re-worked coastlines, roads, landclass and more

  • Numerous POI

  • Subsea 7 North Sea Spoolbase and Giske Bridge

  • Hand-placed autogen & complete seasonal variations

  • Advanced 3D snow tech around the airport

  • Popular tourist destination

  • Close to Notodden, Hammerfest, Scandinavian Mountains Airport and Gothenburg

  • Designed for P3Dv4 & P3Dv5 to blend seamlessly with Orbx Norway or Global Base

  • Carefully optimized for very high performance using the latest techniques

  • The latest project from Norwegian developer Finn Hansen

To see more visit the Orbx product page - https://orbxdirect.com/product/enal

Orbx Youtube Channel - https://youtu.be/cmqSo74Fi4Q

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