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Wizz Air to adopt EASA Protocol & A new Flight Simulator

Written by Jack Mcmahon on June 06, 2020 at 10:53 PM UTC

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Wizz Air Announce is one of the first major airlines to adopt the brand new EASA Protocol and EasyJet and Aegean airlines. This new safety protocol will ensure the safe return of airlines that have been affected by the recent pandemic. All three airlines have agreed to work with the national authorities to ensure this new protocol is implemented efficiently. EASA published the new protocol along with the European Centre for disease control and prevention on May 21st. Wizz air’s chief executive said that “he is convinced that the experience gained and shared by airlines by airlines of this charter will support the industry to fine-tune and harmonize operations”.

Microsoft Returns to the Flight Simulator Community.
In other news, approximately ten years after the dissolution of the Aces GameStudios, Microsoft is now definitely returning to the flight simulator industry. At the world’s largest games fair, E3 in Los Angeles, the company announced a new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The program for Xbox and Windows 10 is set to be released late this year. Although the full functions of the flight simulator are not yet fully known by the public, Microsoft has kept users up to date through regular development updates and screenshots taken from the closed-alpha program participants. Accordingly, the new Flight Simulator will be based on satellite data and the Azure cloud computing platform, allowing maximum coverage of the globe.