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What aircraft has been cut short by COVID-19?

Written by Braedyn Deamer on July 07, 2020 at 1:56 PM UTC

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We have seen and heard the news of airlines retiring some of their fleets, some has been sad, but some might be a little sweet. One that shocked everyone was Delta retiring all of their 777-200s and replacing them with a smaller aircraft, more fuel-efficient though, A350. Delta also decided that now will be time for them to retire their fleet of MD-88s and -90s. They have been with the airline for 30 years being the workhorse for a lot of their routes. The A320 and A220 will replace them now.

Another US carrier, American Airlines, has retired quite the array of aircraft with those being the E190, 757, 767 and A330. Now, most of their aircraft were already planned for retirement, but with COVID affecting their financials, they decided to bring their retirement forward. What this does now is helping them focus on their narrowbody fleet of just A320s and B737s.

United Airlines was another airline to retire some of its fleets. They weren’t as drastic as their competitors but settled for retiring their ERJ-145 and the CRJ200. But there are plans for their 757 and 767 to follow closely behind them soon.