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United 787 makes 3 u-turns in two days

Written by Braedyn Deamer on July 13, 2020 at 12:26 PM UTC

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United Airlines 787-9 Dreamliners were forced to make three u-turns in two days when trying to depart Tokyo’s Narita Airport. It landed after a flight from Chicago and scheduled to continue on to Beijing, but after 50 minutes it was forced to return after declaring an Emergency. On the same day it departed for San Francisco and returned after less than an hour of flying, it returned to the Airport. It again tried to depart for San Francisco but squawked 7700, which means ‘emergency’ and returned to Tokyo again. These flights were cargo flights meaning no passengers were aboard, and there were only four crew members.

The cause of these emergencies and u-turns was due to a problem malfunction with the leading edge flaps, and according to local reports, the runway was closed for 13 minutes while they inspected the runway which makes us believe that they indicated that the cause might have been a mechanical failure of some sorts. The aircraft returned to San Francisco on July 5th after flying for 9 hours.