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TUI 787 blunder

Written by Braedyn Deamer on July 11, 2020 at 1:48 PM UTC

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This was a tough story to find, but none of the less we are committed to bringing you fresh articles daily. A TUI 787 had a little blunder at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport where the plane was being towed into the gate when their left engine collided with the jetbridge. It was found that the tow operator had missed the mark that is displayed on the ground to ensure something like this does not happen and well this might be a costly mistake.

Now there is a video circulating of this happening, but you can’t actually see the collision taking place but instead you can see the jet bridge wobble after a loud bang. A picture posted on Twitter showed a large dent at the top of its number 1 engine. They were able to switch the aircraft for another one, a benefit of this pandemic, which resulted in only an hour delay.