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Runway Upgrade at LAX

Written by Thomas Johnson on March 01, 2021 at 9:36 PM UTC

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At LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) in the USA, work has begun to upgrade runway 7R/26L.  The work will result in the runway being closed and out of operation along with taxiways H6 and H7 for around two months with work expected to be complete and the runway operational again by early May according to LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports).  The work that is being done is expected to extend the runway's life another 10 years.

The work to the runway consists of:

  • Energy-efficient LED Lighting fitting along the centreline of the runway.

  • Replacement of the concrete slabs on the approach bridge over Sepulveda Boulevard

  • New asphalt overlay

During the work runway, 7R/25L will handle all flights, however, some arrivals may be moved to the north runway complex.

Serval other airports are also having work to their runways done including WLG (Wellington International Airport in New Zealand) where work has just completed and FLR (Florence Airport in Italy) with planes been diverted to PSA (Pisa International Airport) whilst the work is carried out which is due for completion by 1st of March 2021.