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Qantas hopeful for A380 return

Written by Thomas Johnson on February 04, 2021 at 12:25 AM UTC

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During an interview on the 2nd of Feb at a Eurocontrol event, the Chief executive of Qantas Alan Joyce stated there would be opportunities to deploy the A380s in the future.  One example of this was departing from Los Angeles (United States of America) for Australia when departing between 10 pm and midnight due to the curfews around the Los Angeles Airport. A380 could also return to their flagship service to London, Heathrow Airport to be exact.

Due to the COVID pandemic, their entire A380 fleet has been temporarily mothballed in the Mojave Desert due to decreased passenger numbers. Some of these aircraft have undergone refurbishments with seats that have never served any passengers, yet. It is still unclear whether Qantas will resume their A380 services as the airline looks to add the A350 aircraft to their fleet to complete their unique Project Sunrise flight.