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Palm Springs gets tonnes of flights

Written by Braedyn Deamer on November 11, 2020 at 5:10 AM UTC

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One might say that Palm Springs is starting to become quite the place to be if you're an airline. Since airlines have been trying to find new markets for all you sun-loving travellers who enjoy their time in Florida, you might be able to get the same fix but in California.

Palm Springs is starting to become a nice little hotspot, not a COVID19 hotspot thankfully, for domestic air services. Palm Springs is undoubtedly unique, and I have noted this location down for any of my future holiday destinations. It is known for their outdoor activities and plenty of wilderness locations for you to do some much-needed hiking, oh they also have an air museum if you needed something extra to seal the deal. Now the city is only 125 miles from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), so the drive would be cruel, which could be why airlines are starting to occupy this destination.

So what airlines are thinking about setting up shop there? That's an excellent question, and so far four airlines have suggested that they will be commencing routes to the destination. Southwest always makes a big hit whenever they open up in a new area, but so far they have kept silent on their detailed plans, but speculation has suggested services from Oakland and maybe Phoenix since they're the airline's bases. Allegiant will be commencing routes from November 19 with 100% point-to-point flights which means no connections. The next one is somewhat different since it is flying under two airlines brands, but only one airline is doing the actual flying, SkyWest. They will be doing flights for both Delta and Alaska Airlines which will use the Embraer aircraft, E175.

This will bring some much-needed love and support to the businesses in the Palm Springs area after the pandemic. With more airlines flying there prices will be lower so there should be a boom of air traffic to the city. Who knows one day we might see international flights landing in Palm Springs instead of Orlando.