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Oh Airbus A380plus what you could’ve been

Written by Collin Biedenkapp on August 21, 2020 at 11:07 AM UTC

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We have seen the rapid retirement of A380s, including some being put in long term storage for up to 3 years. But there was another plane in that same series that could have changed this historic aircraft's outcome. The plus version never made it to production and it will never mainly because Airbus is now shutting down A380 production for good.

In 2017 Airbus announced that they were conducting various development studies about the A380plus which would have been an enhanced version of the A380. Where have we seen this before? Boeing do you know? They wanted to reduce the operating costs so it would be beneficial for airlines to use since that is the main reason they stopped flying altogether. But to summaries, it would have been bigger, better and a lot cheaper.

They hoped to keep the aircraft the same, mostly but adding enhanced winglets to reduce fuel costs by 4%. It would have reduced the costs of each passenger seat by 13%. Would something like this work? You probably thought that Emirates would gobble probably another 100 of these planes for their fleet, but you would be wrong since they never committed to any. It would have changed the market and who knows if they would still be flying after this pandemic, but one thing for sure is that nothing in the aviation industry is set in stone.