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Frontier Airlines wants to go public

Written by Braedyn Deamer on March 09, 2021 at 12:01 PM UTC

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Frontier Airlines is an Ultra Low-Cost Carrier in the US, and they want to try to go public again. They’re seeking to listed as FRNT on the Nasdaq and hope to raise $100 million from this offering.

Frontier Airlines was taken private in 2013 and tried previously in 2017 to go public again but dropped those plans but wish to give it another shot. They are owned by the American equity company Indigo Partners which has stakes in other airlines worldwide.

This isn’t the only airline to attempt going public this year. Sun Country Airlines was first to the party and wanted to raise initially $100 million but revised the total to $200 million. Going public can give these airlines a much-needed cash boost, and frankly, low-cost carriers are rebounding faster than most airlines. Only time will tell whether or not this attempt will work out for the airline.


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