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British Airlines Threaten Thousands Of Pilots.

Written by Jack Mcmahon on June 08, 2020 at 4:59 PM UTC

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British Airways has threatened to relieve all of their thousands of pilots over a row about the British Airways Union's redundancies. The Airline said on the 7th of July that they are considering firing 4,300 pilots and rehiring the same pilots on different and less beneficial contracts. The Airline also announced that they are experiencing one of the worst periods in history as the pandemic decimates travel demand. British Airways has received criticism over its handling of the current situation. The General Secretary for BALPA Brian Strutton said that the airline had acted improperly. He said “I’m appalled at the cavalier attitude shown by BA towards the Balpa reps and to its pilots. This has seriously undermined our talks, which now hang by a thread.” British Airways backed up its claims saying it was only taking the necessary action to protect as many jobs as possible. Like many airlines, the coronavirus situation has caused quite a stir for routine operations.

Eagle Dynamics Under Investigation.
An employee of the Russian software company Eagle Dynamics is currently in custody in the United States. The DCS developer has been jailed for smuggling, a “conspiracy against the USA” and violations of the Arms Export Control Act. According to the authorities, the accused Oleg T. is said to have smuggled several manuals for the Lockheed Martin F-16 to Moscow with the help of a Texan. In addition, T. had tried to obtain manuals for the two fighter aircraft of types F-35 and F-22. In March 2016, an undercover agent of the Department of Homeland Security contacted the Russian via the forum and posed a buyer and seller of manuals for combat aircraft. In an online chat, Oleg T. expressed the wish to obtain manuals for the F-35 and F-22. The employee of Eagle Dynamics assured that the manuals would not be passed on to third parties. Even within the software company, not everyone should have access to the documents, Oleg T. had asserted.