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737 MAX soon to soar again

Written by JetStream Radio Events on June 28, 2020 at 1:36 PM UTC

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Who remembers the 737 MAX? I am sure you do since it was one of the most over publicised blunders of the 21st century. Some sources say that the aircraft's mass grounding could soon be over since a test flight is scheduled to be conducted on Monday. These flights will need about two to three days to complete.

Now if the flights happen, there could be a strong chance that the aircraft could be back in the skies by the end of 2020 with them receiving certification around mid-September. But that could not be the case in other countries since they might have their own certification hurdles that Boeing will need to go through. One of the outside agencies that want to do their own certification is EASA but due to COVID-19, they haven’t been able to schedule any flights.

Apparently, some changes have been requested for the flight control systems by Europe and Canada, which are unrelated to the MCAS system. With some sources claiming that both regulators have many different issues that are requiring a redesign. Time will tell whether we will see this aircraft back in the skies very soon.