Qantas sells excess Business Class supplies

Written by Collin Biedenkapp on August 16, 2020 at 12:07 PM UTC

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Qantas has been finding extra money through some odd means like business class pyjamas to Tim Tams. These were put together in a pack and were to be sold Friday. Within a few hours they had sold out. Each person could buy 10 of these packs which were selling for $18 USD, it was only available to Australian residents though.

The reason behind this was due to the lack of international flights since a lot of the items are perishable goods so it makes sense for them to be sold, while providing some relief to the airline. The pack included:

  • One Qantas business class sleeper suit

  • One Qantas Curates business class amenity kit featuring ASPAR Travel Essentials (Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream, Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser & Sweet Orange Lip Balm)

  • 12 individually wrapped Tim Tams

  • A 200gram pack of smoked almonds

  • A packet of 10 T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea bags

Customers were encouraged to surprise somebody with these especially during these times as a little care package, how sweet.

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