Plagued from the start an A380 story

Written by Braedyn Deamer on November 25, 2020 at 10:44 AM UTC

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As we remember the A380, it is essential to show that it was not smooth sailing for Airbus, especially when this aircraft's problems started right before they even bolted anything together. From the very beginning, when trying to work with so many countries to produce one aircraft, there are going to be some very big incompatibilities. German and Spanish engineers used one type of software, while English and French engineers used one that did not agree with each other.

While this wasn't a huge issue, it meant that some of the engineers could not edit the designs that others were proposing. It didn't end the programme, but it sure did delay the process. Some other problems aren't that widely known either. As we all know, the plane has a tonne of wiring in it. One A380 aircraft has 530 km of wiring and 100,000 different wires doing 1,150 separate operations. Due to the software issue, they didn't realise that the wiring was too short for its intended purpose. This resulted in them needing to rip everything out so it could be fixed.

While this aircraft never really got off the ground it was still widely used by many different airlines. From my own personal experience, it was pretty awesome to know that I was on board one of the largest aircraft in the world currently flying. Some of my best trips were the result of the A380, something that I will never forget. While we may say, it was the worst aircraft; however, for me, it was the best.

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